Gospel in Action

The Gospel in Action (GIA) is an effort to weave the compassionate works and words of the gospel into the fabric of the Campus Ministry. Our mission is to connect Win/Build/Send movements to pressing human need, helping the spiritually and physically oppressed and bringing the hope and healing of Christ to our broken world.

The ultimate purpose of GIA initiatives is making Jesus Lord over broken people, broken places, and broken systems.  Our desire is to give a watching world pictures of the power of the gospel to transform people and places, and to give them a foretaste of a Kingdom where Jesus has set everything right.

On this page, you’ll find stories, tools, and materials that will help you blend gospel declaration and demonstration together, both across the street and around the world.

Weaving Social Justice into Cru Movements

GIA theology, vision, passion, and strategy. All in one document.

"I think that justification and justice are joined at the hip and yet... in Christianity today, it seems like you are either passionate about evangelism or doing justice. I desire to be a part of both... I honestly get confused on how to build movements that incorporate both."

Campus Staff Member

Gospel in Action Digital Magazine

Stories of the compassionate demonstration and passionate proclamation of the gospel in Cru’s Campus Ministry, around the corner and around the world.

First Steps Toward Weaving Social Justice into Cru Movements

Cru movements can weave evangelism and social justice together–and create a compelling blend of passionate proclamation and compassionate demonstration of the gospel–if we will:


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SLO Meal Packing

One local Cru movement partners with a wide variety of campus organizations to help feed starving children, demonstrating the gospel in a powerful way.

The Mamelodi Initiative

Mamelodi, South Africa had a need. Boston Cru tried to help. The results were incredible.

Running for Her Freedom: One Ministry's Passion to End Sex Slavery

A short documentary highlighting Cincinnati Metro Cru’s campaign to fight a cultural evil.

CSU Justice Week

Cru and IJM partner for a week of engaging the Colorado State University campus on the dark struggles of modern day slavery and sexual violence.