▶ Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Rasool Berry asks the proverbial question about unity. Read More

▶ The Power of Story, Part II

The second half of Dan Allender’s powerful Men’s Time seminar at CSU 2007.  

▶ The Power of Story

Part One of the riveting Men’s Time at CSU 2007. With wit and wisdom, Dan Allender communicates timeless truths in a fresh, compelling manner.

▶ Rescue the Dying

A classic message from Ron Hutchcraft about our primary purpose.

▶ Be Still

Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God.” Mark Charles tells three stories that help us be still in the midst of a hectic culture.

▶ Proclaiming God’s Glory

Pastor (and best-selling author) David Platt shares four simple, glorious truths from Isaiah 6 during his closing challenge to Cru staff at our 2011 US National Conference at CSU. Incredible stuff.

▶ Awaken to God’s Love

Darryl Smith, National Director of Cru High School, eats a Sweet Potato pie and explains how the Christmas Story demonstrates God’s love.

▶ Putting the Gospel in Action

Chip Scivicque, Ron Sanders, and Jay Lorenzen discuss how to build movements characterized by passionate gospel proclamation and compassionate gospel demonstration.

▶ Oh, The Places You’ll Go

One of the best storytellers in the Cru Empire shares inspiring tales of taking the gospel to the nations.    

▶ Immanuel: God is With Us?

Neil Downey compares the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day to our current era in history – the time between Christ’s first and second coming.    

▶ The Emergent Church

Paul Gould helps you understand the theology of the Emergent Church.    

▶ A Cry of Hope, A Call to Action

Charles Gilmer explains the mission of the Impact Movement.    

▶ Alliance

Carolyn Curtis James with a new interpretation of the Book of Ruth. Read More

▶ Show and Tell: A Case for Compassion

Brad Harry from Here’s Life Inner City – Chicago on Holistic Ministry.    

▶ Rescue Team

Jo Saxton explains that, in the midst of a cultural earthquake, Christians are called to be a spiritual disaster relief team. Read More

▶ Five Marks of Spiritual Movements

Jay Lorenzen describes what makes a movement vs simply a ministry. Read More

▶ God is a DJ

Spoken word poet Amena Brown creatively shares spiritual truth. Read More

▶ Let Story Be Your Guide

Popular author Donald Miller on the power and importance of story.    

▶ Bringing the Gospel Home

Randy Newman of Faculty Commons describes how to use questions and dialogue to share the gospel.

▶ Embracing Death

In December 2010, Rick James lost his mom. Two days after the funeral, he gave this talk at TCX in Minneapolis. Listen to this unique perspective on death and discipleship.    

▶ Perspective Cards Audio Training

Seminar from CSU 2011: a good overview of how to use Perspective Cards.    

▶ Explorer 1: Heart Check

Two questions to test your heart for lost people.    

▶ Explorer 2: Power Play

Where does boldness in evangelism come from?    

▶ Explorer 3: Exploring Outside

No matter their lifestyle or background, all who haven’t yet placed their faith in Christ are “outsiders.” With wisdom and genuine care, we can ask good questions to meet outsiders where they’re at.    

▶ Explorer 4: Divine Appointments

We can’t judge a person’s spiritual openness based on outward appearances. Only our desire to understand can reveal their internal reality — and lead to a significant spiritual conversation.    

▶ Explorer 5: Hide and Seek

When Adam and Eve were hiding in the garden, God asked, “Where are you?” We can help seek and save the lost by asking the same question to people and discover their location on their spiritual journey.    

▶ Explorer 6: Bad Company

At times, being like Christ involves being a friend to those least like Christ.    

▶ Explorer 7: Surprisingly Close

A person’s religious background or social status does not determine their spiritual openness.    

▶ Guide 1: Open Doors

God must prepare people’s hearts to hear the gospel. That’s what we must pray for.    

▶ Guide 2: Unstoppable

Five things that stop us from being an effective witness.    

▶ Guide 3: First Things First

A genuine encounter with Jesus is the only prerequisite to a powerful witness.    

▶ Guide 4: Sound Barriers

Natural sound barriers that must be broken to engage in spiritual conversations that lead others to Christ.    

▶ Guide 6: First Importance

The Gospel is life’s most important field of study.    

▶ Guide 7: The Ultimate Question

Too often, our spiritual conversations get bogged down by peripheral issues. Here’s the question that will get you to the heart of the matter and lead to deeper, more significant levels of conversation.    

▶ Builder 1: Courage to Speak

It’s natural to have some fear when it comes to evangelism (even Paul had them). God must supply us with the words and courage to speak.    

▶ Builder 2: Fear Factor

Moving from fear to faith to courageous action is always worth it.    

▶ Builder 3: Common Ground

Effective bridge builders look for common ground in the midst of differences.    

▶ Builder 4: Gental Persuasion

We need an attitude of gentleness and respect when encountering peoples’ questions and objections.

▶ Builder 5: Handling Opposition

How to provide grace and truth when facing objections in evangelism.    

▶ Builder 6: Graceful Answers

Saying the right answer in the wrong manner is not effective evangelism.    

▶ Builder 7: Unused Bridges

To help someone on their spiritual journey, we must understanding the main obstacle that keeps them from Christ.    

▶ Mentor 3: Remaining True

Facing the challenge of living “in the world, not of the world” is significant for young believers. Here’s how to help.    

▶ Mentor 4: Growth Environment

Spiritual leadership does not rest in a title or in a position or in seniority. The biblical approach to leadership rests on the quality of life of the individual leader.    

▶ Mentor 6: Get Ready

As we experience the impact of God’s Word in our own life, we are equipped to help others.    

▶ Mentor 7: Reality Check

New believers need awareness of the temptations and hardships they’ll face, and they need encouragement to keep pressing on.    

▶ God’s Passion For His Glory

Vintage Piper at TCX, the Upper Midwest Christmas Conference.    

▶ Heart Idols

What are the things that we worship more than God? Millie Welsh explores this crucial question.    

▶ Making Vision Stick

Bob Fuhs gives a seminar on casting vision and making it stick.    

▶ Heaven: The Sum of All Fears

Rick James on the reality of heaven.