CruPress Green 2.0

You may have noticed some changes to our website recently.  Here are a few of the best:

Intuitive Layout

We’ve made the site less messy and more functional, allowing you easier and faster access to the resources you need.  For example, when you open an article, a list of Related Resources will appear alongside it, guiding you to other good stuff like videos and blog entries that address similar topics. Also, each resource is labeled by category and topic, so you’ll never get lost in the deep Green cyberspace.

Improved Search Function

Our search engine points you to the most relevant resources without overwhelming you with an abundance of choices. Our old search function used to comb through every word of every PDF and spew out all your potential choices.  Not helpful.  Now, it’s much smarter, searching for important tag words, titles, and categories to give you more precise results.  Want proof? “Faith” used to generate 667 results.  Try searching for it now.

No Need to Download

You can now read most articles on the site without having to download the corresponding PDF.  This saves you time some valuable time… not to mention paper and hard drive space.  But if you really want to save an article to read or print later, that option is still available.

Social Media Enhancements

In the past, you could only “like” blog entries or the site as a whole.  Now, each bible study, article, video, talk, and blog entry is now shareable, tweet-able, or like-able — in one easy step. And some of our design is so pretty, you’ll probably want to feature it on Pinterest.

Easy URLs

Our old address was more complicated than a formula from Physics 301.  We’ve remedied that, making most of our major categories and products accessible with easy-to-remember addresses.  So now, when referencing a resource, you can tell your friend, “Just go to CruPressGreen dot com, slash awesome.” Here are a few of the most popular pages:

Get the picture?

Smartphone Sweetness

Like a lot of websites, we used to operate without a mobile version, so trying to access our content on an iPhone required a powerful magnifying glass. CruPress Green now looks pretty sweet on all mobile devices, with all text and images in an optimal visual format.  On a smartphone, it kinda looks like an app. Seriously.  Try it.

More Video Please

A wise man from North Dakota once said, “People prefer to get their ministry training by watching videos.  But if they want to retain it, they need to read it.”  With that in mind, we’re trying to increase our video to article ratio. We’re slowly building our collection of videos, with good stuff for teaching, training, casting vision, or just entertaining.  Check out our videos here.

So go ahead — look around and see what’s new.  We’re relying on you to tell us what you like and what you don’t, so we can make CruPress Green even better.


CruPress Green 2.0
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