Imagination and Movements

Imagination and Movements

Do not quench your inspiration and your imagination; do not become a slave of your model.  – Vincent Van Gogh

I wonder: In the building of movements, do we depend upon a combination of methods, knowledge, and skills when what we need most is imagination?

Skye Jethani, in his book The Divine Commodity, suggests that the challenge facing Christianity is not a lack of resources or motivation, but “a failure of imagination.” We too often become slaves to the models and methods of the past. We want to obey Christ but lack his imagination. I’m trying to find approaches and/or questions that might trigger a Christlike imagination. Here are a few I’m trying:

  1. Imagine a world in which God rules and reigns in every place. As you do so, take a look around the world and notice the things that will not be true in the new heavens and new earth. Then understand they don’t belong here either.
  2. Imagine that God is constantly trying to give you new ideas. Actively seek out those ideas, listen closely, be present in each situation, write down those ideas. Now, implement a few of them–ignoring everybody but that quiet whisperer who leads you into all truth (John 16:13)

I found the following story about Maggie Doyne–I don’t know her or her spiritual story. What I find compelling though is her imagination. What if all of us had “Christ-ignited imagination”?

Read the Fast Company article.

* Photo courtesy of Jeff Arsenault (Flickr Creative Commons)

Imagination and Movements
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