Launch and Build Movements

Launching Movements
Launching MovementsAll of the basics of launching movements can be found on the Launching page of Green.

For more information on how to launch a contextualized ministry (to ethnic minorities or Greeks, Athletes, Faculty, etc) check out the Ethnic/Contexualized Ministries page.

Get help with Distance Coaching here.

Building Movements
Building Movements An abundance of great articles on building a movement can be found on the Building Movements page of Green.


A Gospel Centered Life

Love the Lord

CruPress Green has some great articles to aid in your pursuit of God. Most of the “Love the Lord” type articles can be found under Prayer, Basic Growth and Mature Teaching pages.

Lead Your Team

Helpful articles on leading your team can be found on the Team Leading page of Green.

Line Up Resources

One of our primary jobs as MTL’s is to line up the necessary People, Technology, and Finances to make the vision a reality.

Some great “people” resources can be found under Lead Your Team and Launching a Ministry (for working with volunteers and church partnerships).

Check out the Line Up Resources page to find resources on Finances and Technology.

Learn a New Culture

Every ethnic or affinity group has unique characteristics which requires us to make adaptations in the way we do ministry.

Check out the Learn a New Culture page for details on how to launch and build movements in a contextualized way.