Summer Missions: It’s Not Too Late

Summer Missions: It’s Not Too Late

Flashback . . . It’s April, 1996. Flannel, overalls, baggy jeans, and Doc Martens are what all the cool kids wear.  Every girl wants the “Rachel” haircut and alternative music has taken over the airways.  Trista, Jayne, and Ally walk into their weekly Cru meeting, which is set up like a cool coffee shop on campus.  Summer is approaching and they are all excited that their freshman year of college is almost over.  The girls are hopeful for the summer, but don’t know what it will hold.  Ally has been accepted to go to Myrtle Beach for 10 weeks on summer project and is anticipating what it might look like to be away from Colorado and her family for a whole summer.  Trista and Jayne think that they are going back to their hometown to work, but it doesn’t seem nearly as exciting as what Ally is about to do.

Then  the emcee at the Cru meeting announces that there are still openings on a project in California and a project in Florida.  Trista and Jayne are amazed! They thought that all of the projects were full.  They rush home to complete their application that night.

In the weeks that follow, Jayne and Trista are also accepted on summer projects and begin raising support for their summers.  Ally, Trista, and Jayne all go to different places for the summer, but God grows their hearts for the lost and their love for Jesus.  They return to campus changed, and ready to live out the Gospel on campus. Each of them makes decisions to lead and invest their lives in God’s call their sophomore year.


Yes, this story is almost as old as some of you, but it’s my story.  God allowed me to see that summer that He is bigger than timeframes and our plans.  He allowed my roommates and I to have life-changing summers when we thought it was too late.

You may be  like Trista and Jayne. You thought you knew exactly what you wanted to do with your summer, but as it’s getting closer you realize that going home and mowing lawns or working at Gap and hanging out with your friends from high school youth group may not be as awesome as you originally thought it would be.  Your Cru friends are all talking about their great plans to go on summer mission projects or the incredible places they are spending their summers.  You wonder if it is too late to change your plans and go on a summer project.

IT’S NOT TOO LATE!  There are a number of summer projects that are still taking applications for this summer and have openings for more students.  Check out the Go Summer Project website and explore the projects you are interested in.  If you have specific questions about projects or the application process please email the summer project team at

If going on a traditional summer project isn’t something you can do this summer, Mission Summer may be the thing for you.  Mission Summer offers great teaching, excellent training, life changing experiences, and transformational fellowship.  Our heart is to help every student go deeper in the Christian faith and learn to live on God’s mission. More information is available here.

We are praying for you as your semester ends. As you pray about your summer, may God lead you to the best place for you to grow, and may you be able to “Flashback” to the summer of 2013 someday and reflect on all that God does in and through your heart.  Who knows? You may even laugh at your skinny jeans, fluorescent tennis shoes, and retro glasses!

* Photo courtesy of Pearl Jam Official (Flickr Creative Commons). 

Summer Missions: It’s Not Too Late
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