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Using NOAH in Spiritual Conversations

The new Paramount film NOAH, starring Russell Crowe, can be a great conversation starter with your questioning or non-believing friends. This film has a big budget and intends to make a big statement. You may well want to see it for its modern-day cultural influence. So, invite someone to attend the film with you or find folks who’ve already seen it, and initiate some meaningful spiritual discussions over “a cup of tea.” But we need to warn you, this is not your little sister’s Sunday … Read More

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What people are saying about Soularium™: “Soularium™ empowered students to engage in conversation…it got spiritual conversations started easier than any other tool I’ve seen.” “It’s a barrier breaker when it comes to talking about spiritual things. It puts everyone on the same page.” “I love Soularium™! I am so thankful that I have been able to have so many spiritual conversations with the help of these tools!” “I have been able to learn things about friends that I never knew and … Read More


Learning to be a CoJourner CoJourners is a transferable paradigm that is easy to learn and easy to use, but powerful in practice. CoJourner principles work effectively with friends or strangers, with students or adults. They can be applied in almost any ministry context and with different approaches and tools. As a CoJourner you’ll learn to come along side others on their spiritual journey serving in the following roles… Explorer: Discovering insights into others’ spiritual lives. Guide : Showing others … Read More

Perspective Cards

Imagine a new evangelism tool: a deck of playing cards addressing the issue of worldview, turning this evangelism obstacle into an open door for the gospel. That is the beauty of Perspective. Perspective provides a disarming approach to a spiritual conversation, allowing others to share their perspective about five important topics. In each category, participants choose the card that best represents what they believe, and then they tell you why they believe it. For more details, check out the official … Read More