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Living United in a Racially Divided World

Cru staff member David Williams shares his perspective on the history and current climate of race relations in America, and how the gospel calls us to unity.

Introducing the Perspective Cards iPhone App

It’s finally here! Perspective – now on your iPhone!

Perspective Cards: Tour Through the App

Perspective Cards, the worldview tool that is sweeping the nation, is now available as an iPhone app. Join creator Barry Warren on a guided tour through the features of the app.


iCare is a faith journey calling us to be intentional about love. We dare you to join us.

A Kingdom Perspective

How Harvard graduate Kathleen Hudson had her priorities turned upside down.

The Mamelodi Initiative

Mamelodi, South Africa had a need. Boston Cru tried to help. The results were incredible.

Living Missionally

An Auburn Cru student’s vocational vision.

Two Movements

Pat McLeod shares from his doctoral research about two of Cru’s most effective evangelistic movements.

City Gates

The mission of Cru in the city and some of the key gates into the City.

How Do We Respond to the Gospel?

David Platt talks about “the sinner’s prayer” and biblical response to the gospel. Is raising your hand and repeating a prayer bad? How do we respond if we don’t pray a prayer?

Perspective Interviews

We went on campus with a deck of Perspective Cards and talked to people about their worldview. Here’s a brief recap.

A Global Mission

Students reaching students: a truly global mission. Come, help change the world.

Definition of a Trader

What if this generation was willing to trade in the pursuit of the American Dream for the pursuit of making an eternal impact?  *Courtesy of

The 3 E’s – A Relational Orientation

Ryan Berg explains why he uses the relational language of the 3 E’s (Embrace the Gospel Personally, Experience the Gospel Together, and Extend the Gospel to Others) instead of Win, Build, and Send.

Declaring and Demonstrating the Gospel

Ryan Berg explains how Gospel declaration and demonstration – saying and doing – go hand-in-hand.

Nations: Voices of Hope

Native American students share about what it means to follow, search for, and know Jesus Christ in a culturally authentic way. Learn more at our website.

What is Destino?

New to Destino and wondering what it is? Watch this to hear from Latino students from all around the country. Then head over to our website and get involved today!


The Epic Movement: bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through Asian American students and faculty. Want to know more? Check out our website.

The Gospel in 3D

Neil Downey uses a Pillow Pet to explain how to display, declare, and demonstrate the gospel. (Full video is 37 minutes, so just watch the first 7.)

CSU Justice Week

Cru and IJM partner for a week of engaging the Colorado State University campus on the dark struggles of modern day slavery and sexual violence.

SLO Meal Packing

One local Cru movement partners with a wide variety of campus organizations to help feed starving children, demonstrating the gospel in a powerful way.

Introducing…CruPress Presents

CruPress Presents: Seasoned leaders. Relevant topics. Practical training.

CruPress Presents: Learning to Walk by Faith

What does it really look like to walk by faith on a daily basis? Keith Davy with some practical tips.

CruPress Presents: Planning for Discipleship

Jill Fuhs says, “Don’t just wing it. Have a plan.” Okay, that’s a paraphrase. Watch this and find out what she really says.

CruPress Presents: Sanctification

Sarah Evers claims that it’s a process and a partnership. Hmmm…

CruPress Presents: Your Personal Testimony

Every Christian has a redemption story. Ben Rivera gives some advice on how to communicate yours.

CruPress Presents: Why Use Cru.Comm?

“We make missionaries.” Tim Henderson explains how Cru.Comm helps us do it.

CruPress Presents: Preparing Your Leaders

How do you find, challenge, and equip potential leaders? Bob Fuhs has some ideas.

CruPress Presents: How People Grow

Sarah Evers teaches an important equation: grace plus truth over time equals growth.

CruPress Presents: Theology of the “Satisfied” Presentation

Keith Davy, author of “Satisfied”, explains the biblical basis for the booklet.

CruPress Presents: Influence of the Holy Spirit

Rick James describes how to create a heart atmosphere where the Spirit can thrive.

CruPress Presents: The Lordship of Christ

Sarah Evers with what it means to let Jesus have access to every area of life.

CruPress Presents: Running a Good Weekly Meeting

If your weekly meeting is the face of your movement, let Bob Fuhs be your plastic surgeon.

CruPress Presents: Planning Your Retreats & Conferences

Bob Fuhs thinks retreats and conferences are important. He might be on to something. Watch and judge for yourself.

CruPress Presents: Life Concepts

You’ve just led someone to Christ. Now what? Neil Downey gives a suggestion.

CruPress Presents: The ABCs of Ethnicity

Michelle Blanco gives helpful insight for reaching students of different cultures.

CruPress Presents: Stewardship of Trained Christians

As a Spirit-filled believer who’s been trained to do ministry, you’re in some rare company. Jill Fuhs on why that’s important for the Kingdom.

CruPress Presents: Quiet Times

Sarah Evers describes the key ingredients in spending time with God.

CruPress Presents: Sharing the “Satisfied” Booklet

“Satisfied” is an effective tool for explaining the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Ben Rivera gives a few pointers on what to highlight as you walk people through the booklet.

CruPress Presents: Planning Your Meetings

Bob Fuhs has attended more than his share of meetings and has a few guidelines to make them more productive and enjoyable.

CruPress Presents: Five Key Bible Study Ingredients

The first ingredient is “Bible.” Listen to Tim Henderson to complete the recipe.

CruPress Presents: Meditation

Om, no. Marinade, yes. Sarah Evers, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!

CruPress Presents: When You Worry

Rick James explains how “seeking the kingdom” can push worries to the periphery.

CruPress Presents: Changing the World

The Gospel in Action is weaving the compassionate words and works of the gospel into the campus ministry in order to change the world. Chip Scivicque explains.

CruPress Presents: Resources for Discipleship

Neil Downey surveys the materials that can turn a newbie into a multiplier.

CruPress Presents: Four Stages of Involvement

Jill Fuhs explains how to create a ministry environment that’s attractive to a wide range of people.

CruPress Presents: Gospel Transitions

When having a spiritual conversation, how do you transition into the gospel and help people respond to the gospel? Keith Davy just might know the answer.

CruPress Presents: Serving the Vulnerable

Chip Scivicque on the heart behind the Gospel in Action.

CruPress Presents: How to Study Scripture

What in the world is O-I-A? Sarah Evers has a secret decoder ring.

CruPress Presents: Structuring Your Small Groups

Bob Fuhs gives four principles to consider.

CruPress Presents: Planning Your Fall Retreat

Bob Fuhs thinks Fall Retreat is important enough to plan well for it.

CruPress Presents: The Five Things

Sarah Evers lists the five things that graduating seniors need in order to live missionally after college.

CruPress Presents: Leading Worship

Helpful worship tips from Barry Warren. (He’s kind of a big deal.)

CruPress Presents: Transitioning to the KGP Prayer

The “two circles” page is the crux of the KGP booklet, but has potential to create confusion if not properly understood and explained. Ben Rivera clears things up.

CruPress Presents: The Three C’s of Discipleship Tools

Why use CruPress materials for discipleship? Neil Downey gives three good reasons.

CruPress Presents: Investing in Relationships

Tim Henderson describes how clear articulation of the gospel combined with genuine care for people results in changed lives.

CruPress Presents: Different Approaches to Evangelism

There are two types of people: people we know and people we don’t know. Rick James uses Colossians 4 to demonstrate the need to share the gospel with both.

CruPress Presents: Discerning God’s Will

Keith Davy with six signposts for following God’s lead.

CruPress Presents: Emceeing Your Weekly Meeting

So, you’ve been asked to emcee the Cru meeting. Bob Fuhs tells you how.

CruPress Presents: Principles of Discipleship

“How do I disciple people?” Jill Fuhs is glad you asked.

CruPress Presents: Components of Discipleship

What turns mere “mentoring” into authentic discipleship? Jill Fuhs with the answer.

CruPress Presents: Adoption

Adoption is the heart of the gospel. Sarah Evers describes why.

CruPress Presents: Using Surveys in Evangelism

Spiritual interest surveys have been around Cru for decades. Ben Rivera describes how these old-school evangelism tools can still be used in a relevant, effective manner.

CruPress Presents: Experiencing Forgiveness

Knowing we’re forgiven and feeling forgiven can be two different things. Rick James unpacks what it means to truly experience the forgiveness of God.

CruPress Presents: Christian Community

Michelle Blanco gives a view of what true biblical community can look like.

CruPress Presents: Strategic Planning

Does the thought of strategic planning give you the heebie-jeebies? Bob Fuhs talks you off the ledge, showing the value, simplicity, and benevolence of the strategic planning process.

CruPress Presents: Structuring Leadership Teams

Bob Fuhs gives three principles for planning your leadership structure on campus.

CruPress Presents: Going Through Trials

Rick James knows a thing or two about trials. You should probably pay attention to him.

CruPress Presents: Introduction to Confession

Sarah Evers describes how confession connects us to the heart of God.

CruPress Presents: Components of Confession

Confession is, essentially, agreeing with God. But what exactly are we agreeing about? Rick James sheds some light on this important subject.

CruPress Presents: Modes of Evangelism

The three ways God uses believers to proclaim the Gospel.

CruPress Presents: Reconciliation

Tim Henderson on the “two-gift box” of the gospel.

CruPress Presents: Effective Campus-Wide Outreaches

Want your movement to impact more people with the gospel? Ben Rivera has one idea that’s just crazy enough to work.

CruPress Presents: What is the Gospel?

Who is Jesus? What has he done? Why is it important? In answering these questions, Keith Davy describes the essence of the gospel.

CruPress Presents: Cycles of Momentum

Bob Fuhs helps you plan your ministry activity calendar.

CruPress Presents: The Importance of Prayer

Just how important is prayer to a ministry? In a word: paramount. Rick James explains.

CruPress Presents: Methods of Evangelism

There are only a few key principles of evangelism, but lots of different methods. Neil Downey helps decipher the difference.

CruPress Presents: What is a CoJourner?

Keith Davy explains the precepts behind the CoJourners evangelism paradigm.

CruPress Presents: Introduction to Target Areas

Jill Fuhs on why being strategic is better than being random.

CruPress Presents: Reaching a Target Area

Jill Fuhs describes what it means to give every person in a defined area the chance to hear the gospel.

CruPress Presents: Reaching Freshmen

In order to reach the entire campus, you can’t try to reach the entire campus. Sounds like a contradiction, right? Bob Fuhs attempts to clear things up.

CruPress Presents: Why Freshmen Don’t Join Your Movement

So, not many freshmen are getting involved in your Cru movement. Bob Fuhs gives five potential reasons why.

CruPress Presents: Engaging Faculty

Former professor Jay Lorenzen challenges Cru movements to relate to faculty members differently.

CruPress Presents: Group Prayer Meetings

Praying together is important. Sarah Evers gives some pointers for how to create an environment where people experience authentic communication with God.

CruPress Presents: Forgiveness

What happens after we mess up sexually? Sarah Evers describes how to experience forgiveness.

CruPress Presents: Leading a Cru.Comm Bible Study

Who better to teach you how to use Cru.Comm than the author, Tim Henderson? (That was a rhetorical question.)

CruPress Presents: The Big Six

Ben Rivera gives you six key questions that help clarify the content of the “Would You Like to Know God Personally?” booklet.

CruPress Presents: CoJourner Roles – The Explorer

Keith Davy teaches how to be an Explorer. Turns out, it’s not as hard as you might think.

CruPress Presents: CoJourner Roles – The Guide

Keith Davy shows you how to communicate the gospel in a brief, conversational manner.

CruPress Presents: CoJourner Roles – The Builder

How do you help people overcome obstacles on their journey to Christ? Keith Davy with some sound advice.

CruPress Presents: CoJourner Roles – The Mentor

Keith Davy discusses what it means to encourage and equip people on their spiritual journey.


How do you manage all your ministry contacts in a way that’s simple, thorough, and accessible? That’s easy! MissionHub has easier connections, easier communication, and easier tracking, making it, well, easy to care for the people who need you most.

Getting Started with Perspective

How to have engaging, comfortable, and life-changing spiritual conversations.

Perspective & the Gospel: Sharing Effectively

How to best use Perspective to share your faith.

Perspective & the Gospel: The Heart

God is drawing people to Himself.  We have the privilege of helping them understand the good news.

How Can I Use Perspective to Illustrate Biblical Truths?

These two illustrations will come in handy.

Why Use Perspective Cards?

Great spiritual conversations + a new way to share your faith = awesome!

Soularium™: Getting Started

For the beginning user, this equipping video explains the heart behind (as well as the nuts  & bolts of) a Soularium™ dialogue.

Soularium™: Going Deeper

Practical steps for making the transition beyond the five Soularium™ questions into further gospel conversations.

Perspective Week

What happened when a group of students who were skeptical about initiative evangelism tried something new.

Backstory on the iPad

Keith Davy demonstrates how to effectively share the gospel using our coolest format on Apple’s coolest gadget.


Using the outdoors to help people grow in relationships (with God and each other), in character, and in leadership.

City Focus

Cities set the tone for society.  Who will reach the most influential cities in the world?

Where can every student go to ask important questions about life?

Spiritual Multiplication, Eh?

A true story of how one person has impacted many lives across Canada and around the world.

The 5 Things

A creative explanation of the five things necessary to live missionally after college.

This is Cru

A great explanation of what the Cru movement at Ball State University is all about.

Short Film Network: Angelica’s Story

Short films reach a unique audience with the gospel.  Like Angelica.

CCC Commercial: I Am

College students are the future leaders of the world.  Who will shape them?

CCC Commercial: Job Agency

God is hiring.  He’s got some great positions available.

CCC Commercial: Decisions

College students have a lot of important decisions to make.

My Name is CARL

Confession, Abiding, Reliance, and Lordship: That’s the Spirit-filled life!

Kelvin: A Spiritual Multiplication Story

For on international student, multiplying his faith is “just very simple.”

Operations: Imagine Your Impact

Use your talents for God’s glory.

Student Venture: He Could…

Help shape the lives of high school students.

TCX 2007 Summer Project Song

Two guys channel Colbie Caillat.

Don’t Hold Your Breath

Rick James describes the Spirit-filled life

A Million Ways to Die: Question 1

What is the book about?

A Million Ways to Die: Question 2

What does it really mean to “die to self?”

c456 Part 1: Intro to CoJourners

c456, the first ever Cojourners video series. Pt 1.

c456 Part 2: Principles of Conversational Evangelism

c456, the first ever Cojourners video series. Pt 2.

c456 Part 3: From General to Spiritual

c456, the first ever Cojourners video series. Pt 3.

c456 Part 4: From Spiritual to Gospel

c456, the first ever Cojourners video series. Pt 4.

c456 Part 5: From Gospel Content to Gospel Decision

c456, the first ever Cojourners video series. Pt 5.

c456 Part 6: Conclusion

c456, the first ever Cojourners video series. Pt 6.